Soulprints I – Beakthrough


"BreakThrough was particularly moving because of your graphic, brutally honest description of your early life in Singapore. I could not put the book down until I completed the last page."
-Dr Vivan Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports

"You have experienced a lot in a short life. This is a wonderful book of courage, persistence and inspiration that can take your life to new heights."
-Brian Tracy, international speaker and best-selling author of Million Dollars Habit

"Soulprints I is an inspiring start to your day and life."
-Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President of the National Speakers Association,
best-selling author of Get What You Want, member of exclusive Speaker Hall of Fame and
top 20 motivational speakers in the world.


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Benjamin Franklin – A Bright Spark!


"Clearly, there will be many conferences, books, exhibitions... planned for the Franklin 300th throughout America and the rest of the world. However, there may not be a tribute as valuable as Benjamin Franklin: A bright spark! Change, creativity, passion, fulfillment, learning and excellence are the principles for lifetime success offered to the reader."

-Roy E. Goodman, Curator of Printed Materials, American Philosophical Society, Pennsylvania and President, Friends of Franklin, Inc

"I have read and re-read this magnificent book about Franklin. In all of my years studying Franklin and reading everything I can find that has been published about this extraordinary man, I have never found a book as important as this. What you have done to make the life of Franklin become the true spark of inspiration that Franklin himself wished it to be, is extraordinary.

Any person reading your book and applying the principles you have developed and so effectively relate to the success of Franklin, has a clear path to achieving their greatest potential. Every person should read it and, for the sake of their future, every parent should make sure their children read it. " 

-Ralph Archbold, the official 'living Benjamin Franklin'; member of US Federal Commission
appointed by President George W. Bush and Congress to oversee the celebrations of Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday;
multiple-award winning actor and public speaker,
Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE, Speaker's Hall of Fame) awarded by the National Speakers Association.

"Ben Franklin was a magnificent sage and remains a symbol of the American dream. Coincidentally, the highly respected author of the book Benjamin Franklin-A Bright Spark!, Mr. George Tan, is by this reviewer's account a 21st Century sage and inspirational symbol of not only the American dream, but of humanity's dream worldwide. George Tan capsulizes in this 'must-read' book the heart and soul of lifetime success and then he backs it up with a real-world model for implementing that success you won't easily forget."
-Anne Bruce, Life Coach, Professional Speaker and Bestselling Author of Discover True North:
A 4-Week Approach to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential


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Scholars' Secrets



"This book sends the vital message to all who are struggling with their studies, and with life, that miracles are possible – when one chooses to never give up. This invaluable book is about how we can all work miracles."
-Michael Aun, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame, Writer of 'Behind the Mike',
a column syndicated in some 60 American newspapers and periodicals for over a quarter century,

George Tan has written an inspiring book that can help us all turn our dreams into realities.
-Dr Tony Alessandra, bestselling author of The Platinum Rule,
exclusive Speaker Hall of Fame and one of top 20 motivational speakers in the world

"Scholars' Secrets is a practical, insightful and engaging work that spurs readers to transform their goals and dreams into reality."
-Ang Wee Hiong, CEO/Principal of Hwa Chong Institution


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Success Secrets


"George shows you how to acquire the mindset and skill set that will bring you anything you want in life . . . . A must-read book (SUCCESS Secrets) about excellence and success in any educational pursuit and beyond."

This book of courage is certainly inspiring and will impact so many lives.
-Roger Crawford, CPAE, member of the exclusive Speakers Roundtable,
one of the top 20 motivational speakers in the world and
best-selling of How High Can You Bounce?

"George Tan has written a work which beautifully portrays the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in the face of difficult circumstances. This work will help all who wish to succeed gain that very important edge to maintain optimum performance."
-Kurt Kilpatrick, JD, CSP, CPAE, professional motivational speaker,
humourist and radio talk show host


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Rough Life Rich Life



"Rough Life Rich Life is a rich book – rich in information, rich in wisdom, rich in experiences and, most significantly, rich in inspiration."


"While some people might try to help by sharing their financial wealth, this book (Rough Life, Rich Life) will give you something infinitely better: a wealth of wisdom from a life well lived."

"Mr. Tan lives the example of what it truly means to develop and implement our individual and unique human potential. He is a sage for the 21st Century and he will bring you face to face with your higher purpose and gut-level survival skills. Mr. Tan writes that life is rich – in my opinion, his books also are rich with inspiration that will transform your thinking, your heart and your soul in ways you never imagined."
-Anne Bruce, Life Coach, Professional Speaker and best-selling author of Discover True North:
A 4-week Approach to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential


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Red Marks to Flying Colours



"This is a wonderful book (Red Mark to Flying Colours), packed with inspiration and life skills, about achieving excellence and success – about bringing out the champion in you."

"Your book (Red Marks to Flying Colours) is most inspiring. You have proven that one can choose to be a victor of circumstance, rather than be a victim of circumstance. Even more important than your powerful story are the lessons we all can learn from it. Congratulations and may you keep encouraging and helping others through your life and words."
-Mark Sanborn CSP, CPAE, President of Sanborn & Associates,
member of Speakers Roundtable, consisting of 20 of the World's foremost motivational speakers,
professional speakers and keynote speakers,
member of the exclusive speaker Hall of Fame and
best-selling author of The Fred Factor.


"Life presents us all with 'red marks' from time to time. George Tan shows us how to go from red marks to 'flying colors' despite our circumstances. You will be inspired. You, too, can do this."

-Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, best-selling author of Relationship Selling,
member of exclusive Speaker Hall of Fame and
one of the top 20 motivational speakers in the world.

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