Rough Life, Rich Life introduces PRAISE® as a personal life skills model to unlock your hidden potential and achieve unlimited success. It is based on the life of George Tan, who grew up in extreme poverty and struggled through primary school. Yet he went to university and, at age 27 whilst holding a full-time career, topped both his diploma and master's degree classes with flying colours. Later, he achieved both career and business success.

Learn to apply the PRAISE life skills model to study, exam, career, entrepreneurship and life's other adventures and challenges, be it climbing a mountain or renovating your home. Use PRAISE to analyse the lives of the world's greatest men and women. Discover what lessons they hold for us.

There is a Grand Canyon in each of us. We might regard it as a vast emptiness. Yet great men and women have shaped their inner Grand Canyons into spectacular landscapes for all of humanity to behold. Think. Reflect. Engage. The PRAISE model will unlock your inner potential. Be prepared for success and greatness.
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Rough Life Rich Life is a rich book – rich in information, rich in wisdom, rich in experiences and, most significantly, rich in inspiration.