Benjamin Franklin, who conducted lightning and electricity experiments by flying a kite, was a man of many facets. He was a scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomats, journalist, writer, printer, publisher, librarian, musician, philosopher, philanthropist and more. To commemorate Franklin’s 300th birth anniversary, this book examines his life from the perspective of PRAISE® – a personal life skills model to help you unlock you inner potential and achieve unlimited greatness.Other books in the PRAISE Champion series apply the model to the world’s greatest men and women, both historical and contemporary. What do they share in common? What drove each of them to greatness in their own special ways? What lessons do they hold for us?You, too, can achieve success and excellence. Unlock your hidden potential and turn your life around. Learn from the masters of greatness. The PRAISE model shows you know.


Foreword by Roy E. Goodman, Curator of Printed Materials, American Philosophical Society, Pennsylvania and President, Friends of Franklin, Inc (Link to Foreword by Roy E Goodman)

"Clearly, there will be many conferences, books, exhibitions... planned for the Franklin 300th throughout America and the rest of the world. However, there may not be a tribute as valuable as Benjamin Franklin: A bright spark! Change, creativity, passion, fulfillment, learning and excellence are the principles for lifetime success offered to the reader."

Roy E. Goodman, Curator of Printed Materials, American Philosophical Society, Pennsylvania and President, Friends of Franklin, Inc

"I have read and re-read this magnificent book about Franklin. In all of my years studying Franklin and reading everything I can find that has been published about this extraordinary man, I have never found a book as important as this. What you have done to make the life of Franklin become the true spark of inspiration that Franklin himself wished it to be, is extraordinary.

Any person reading your book and applying the principles you have developed and so effectively relate to the success of Franklin, has a clear path to achieving their greatest potential. Every person should read it and, for the sake of their future, every parent should make sure their children read it. "

Ralph Archbold, the official 'living Benjamin Franklin'; member of US Federal Commission appointed by President George W. Bush and Congress to oversee the celebrations of Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday; multiple-award winning actor and public speaker, Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE, Speaker's Hall of Fame) awarded by the National Speakers Association.

"Ben Franklin was a magnificent sage and remains a symbol of the American dream. Coincidentally, the highly respected author of the book Benjamin Franklin-A Bright Spark!, Mr. George Tan, is by this reviewer's account a 21st Century sage and inspirational symbol of not only the American dream, but of humanity's dream worldwide. George Tan capsulizes in this 'must-read' book the heart and soul of lifetime success and then he backs it up with a real-world model for implementing that success you won't easily forget."

Anne Bruce, Life Coach, professional speaker and
bestselling Author of Discover True North: A 4-Week Approach to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential