My name is Berenice Chao Zong Xin. I was born on 4 March 2002, which makes me seven years old this year. I love to draw because I can draw anything I want with my pencil. After drawing, I like to colour the picture with coloured pencils. I also like to draw big pictures on canvas using Acrylic paints.  I love to draw animals because they are easier to draw than humans. I still find it difficult to draw the mouths of human faces.  I am going to join Art and Craft classes in Raffles Girls’ Primary School. When I grow up, I want to be an illustrator for children’s books because I can draw funny pictures. My father is an author and publisher, so he can write the story for me to illustrate, and then publish that into a book for me. I hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I have enjoyed drawing them.

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