Human resource professional, change agent, head-hunter, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, hope-giver, life-long student

George Tan is currently a human resource professional, change agent, head-hunter, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, hope-giver and life-long student. His passion is sharing his personal story about how he transformed his rough life into a rich life; how he kept rebounding from setbacks and never gave up.

George grew up in extreme poverty. He was badly abused by his father who was an alcoholic and an addicted gambler. He himself was a "gangster kid" addicted to gambling and the 3 V's: vulgarism, vandalism and violence.

From red marks in school, George went on to pass his postgraduate studies with flying colours. At 26, he topped his Diploma in Personnel Management. At 27, he again topped his class when he did a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development, offered as an external degree in Singapore by the US-based George Washington University. He did two programmes concurrently whilst holding a full-time job as an officer in the Republic of Singapore Navy, where he served for 10 years.

George attributes his transformation to PRAISE, a life skills model that he developed which embodies six success principles: Prizedream, Rules, Analysis, Invincibility, Strategy and Excellence. George developed the model based on his studies of Sun Zi's The Art of War and Naval Battle Procedure. He broadened the concepts found in these two strategy models such that they could be applied to any life situation.

Developing a life skills model and unlocking the potential of others were hallmarks of George's corporate career. He held senior human resource appointments at international corporations like Westin Hotel and the First Capital Corporation conglomerate, where he brought out the best in people.

Having reached the apex of his corporate career as Group Personnel Manager, George decided at age 35 to embark on entrepreneurship. Since then, he has successfully managed his international recruitment and head-hunting business with networks in China, India and other Asia-Pacific countries.

In 2004, at age 46, George embarked on a new life journey as a writer, publisher and hope-giver. He writes to inspire others. He believes that his life story – of overcoming tremendous odds to achieve excellence – can be an inspiration to others. He believes, too, that the PRAISE model can help others realise their dreams.

George writes to spread hope to those who, like him, might have grown up under unfavorable circumstances and have suffered setbacks in life. He writes with a simple philosophy: "Always give yourself a second chance. Never give up!"

Through his inspirational and motivational books, George's dream is to connect people by sharing life experiences and mutual encouragement, for the betterment of mankind.

In May 2007, George was a guest speaker at the Singapore National Community Leadership Institute. In July 2007, George addressed the 7th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisation, where he shared the PRAISE model and his life story with some 250 delegates from over 40 countries, including academics and corporate executives.

George Tan's life story is featured in Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul, the Singapore edition of the popular Chicken Soup… series of inspirational books. Through the help of many people, he is glad to have received more than 70 endorsements from top international motivational speakers and bestselling authors as well as prominent personalities in Singapore. In particular, he has received endorsements from 25 percent of the top 20 motivational speakers in the world.

He and his books have been featured in Publishers Weekly (USA), 3 October 2005, and Franklin Gazette, the official newsletter of The Friends of Franklin, Inc, where Benjamin Franklin – A Bright Spark! is listed as "A Good Read".

Within Singapore, George has been featured in The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao and Shin Min Daily News, the main English and Chinese language newspapers, as well as 'Live' 93.8, a popular radio show.

The Sunday Times featured him in Bookends, a column where prominent personalities talk about the books that left an impact on their lives. George was also featured in another Sunday Times column, A Life Less Ordinary. INWRITING, a special publication by Singapore's Ministry of Education aimed at encouraging young people to read, has reviewed Soulprints I – BreakThrough. George has also been featured in NYC Times, the newsletter of the Singapore National Youth Council.

George's books have made it to the ST Life! Bestsellers List, compiled by the lifestyle section of The Straits Times, Singapore's largest circulation English newspaper.