Speech by George on our wedding day (17 May 2008)

Today, each and every one of you is my VIP. Thank you for making time to attend our wedding.

Today, I like to do one Very Important Thing. One Very Important Thing that will leave behind lasting impact. Guess What?

Hug Woon Puay

All good things come in pairs (好事成双). Let me do another one Very Important Thing. Guess What?

Kiss Woon Puay

Wonderful things also come in pairs ( 喜事成双 ). For me, it is the opportunity to be a father to two wonderful children – Beatrice and Berenice. Thank you, Beatrice and Berenice, for sharing your life journey with me.

Many people have asked how we met. Since I was trained as a naval officer, I just switched on my radar. Wow wee! I saw one big contact. On closer look, I saw the face of a beautiful lady. This is another story of another time. Now, let me share with you something even more interesting – how I made a marriage proposal to her.

I first proposed to Woon Puay, with my pledge of unconditional love, on Valentine day – 14 Feb 08. Very Romantic, Right? I was not in S’pore. I was overseas, to fulfill my dream of traveling round the world once in my lifetime, a trip I booked before I met Woon Puay. She was in S’pore. I rang her at the stroke of midnight in Singapore on 14 Feb. (Pause) I had asked the tour guide to let me alight for 5 minutes while a group of 20 friends waited in a remote countryside. They were hungry and tired. They must be thinking that I was mad to experience the freezing temperature of minus 10 degree Celsius. There, I made the most important phone call in my life. Now (Pause) I will let Woon Puay complete the story for you.

I fell asleep on the couch and missed his call by the time I rang back to the room to get the phone. I immediately called him back and he told me that he had just left a message on my mailbox since he could not get me the first time. He told me to listen to the message and ring him back. This is unusual because till today, this is the first and only time he has ever left a message on my phone mail. I heard his proposal and considered for 30 minutes, while I prayed to God for guidance. He rang back for my reply and the rest is history.

Yes, I was very happy that she accepted my proposal.

I renewed my pledge, for the second time, on Easter Sunday – 23 Mar 08. This time, I liked her to hear it personally. I liked to do it with a personal touch. To do that, I made sure that I touched her hand twice. Her acceptance reinforced our desire to build a family of love together. Could you imagine how happy I felt? I was on cloud nine.

Now, I like to do one most important thing. I like to renew my pledge of unconditional love for Woon Puay. Like to hear it?

Woon Puay, I love you unconditionally. Because I love you, I am prepared to lay down my life to protect you. Because I love you, I will defend you till my last breadth. This is my promise. This is my word of honour (君子的诺言 ). I cannot promise you anything in the future. But I can promise you one thing – my word of honour. Would you give me the honour to be your husband?

Let me share with you some of our precious moments of truth in our journey of love.

I am a ‘gangster kid’, she is a top student since primary one. Are you sure you could accept me? Guess her reply.

She said, It is OK. How sweet her reply? I was swept away by her hurricane of love.

I am nobody. She is somebody. She is the 12th medical graduate to be awarded with the rare degree of Honours in Medicine since 1954. …………………Are you sure you could accept me? Guess her reply.

Her reply, No problem. How cool her reply? I was swept away by her love tsunami.

I am a poor man with a small apartment. You are high profiled lady with a successful career. Are you sure you could accept me? Can you guess her reply?

Her reply is, A home is as big as the heart of people living inside. How profound her reply (多么深奥的回答)? I was swept away by her unconditional love.

Are you touched by her unconditional love for me? If so, please give her a round of applause.

I asked, Would your two children accept me? Like to know the outcome?

To this, she said, They cannot wait to marry me off. We are meant to be.

This gives us the inspiration to present every one today with a small bottle of honey and it reads on the jar, “Meant to BEE”.

Thank you, Beatrice and Berenice, for accepting me and making family integration a corner stone of our life journey.

At this point, I would like to share something that Beatrice told me when I asked her if she would like me to marry George. To this, she folded her arms and replied seriously, “Mummy, I won’t answer such a question for you. You have to answer that yourself. You should marry him only if you love him, and not if he is good for us”. Beatrice and Berenice, Mummy wants to say thank you for letting me marry only for love and nothing else.

Our journey of love has been blessed by many wise people, both local and overseas. One of them is Rev(Dr) Francis Ngoi, Director at the Oasis Family Life Education Centre, who conducted the 3-day pre-marriage counseling program for us. Rev Ngoi is a pastor with a heart of gold. He would re-arrange his priorities to give us his precious time. Sometimes, our session could continue past 10 pm. We completed the program, with flying colours, just before the eve of Chinese New Year – prior to his departure for missionary work in China.

One day after his return from missionary work on 26 March 08, we were ready to present our wedding plan. Isn’t it great? How could we move at lightning speed?

Attend Rev Ngoi’ counseling program. You could seek his wise counsel – his contact number is in the Oasis bookmark that came together with the program for today. Most importantly, he has helped us to build a strong Christian marriage through managing our differences in the context of unconditional love.

I am sure most of you here know Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa spent her life with the poorest of the poor in India. Yet she is widely considered to have lived a rich life. She can be considered rich in spirituality. So, we too can be rich, rich in friends, rich in talents, rich in community service and so on.

To us, you are considered rich in thoughtfulness for making time to attend our wedding. For this, let us give each other a round of applause.

Today is a moment in time for Woon Puay and me. Woon Puay is the most important person in my life. I would like to dedicate my most important book, Rough Life Rich Life, to her. I am really touched by her unconditional love for me.

Today is a moment in time for all of us. Let us help people transform their rough life into a rich life. If each of us does a small part in inspiring others, together we can make this world a more peaceful, yet more exciting place. We shall leave our marks and imprints on the soul of humanity. Thank you.

Last, but not least, I like to thank many people who have helped us make our wedding a joyful occasion. I would like to thank Woon Puay’s parents for entrusting their precious daughter to me, although they can’t be here with us due to ill health. We are also very grateful to Mrs Chao Yoke Choy, Beatrice and Berenice’s paternal grandmother, for her blessing, love and acceptance of me into the family. We would also like to thank:

Rev Dr Francis Ngoi and his wife, Karen

Pastors Bob and Wendy

Pastor Chung Kai and his wife, Tina

Stephen and Dolly

Our friends who helped in one way or another to put this wedding together.

Last but certainly the greatest of all, we would like to express our thanks to our Almighty God and Heavenly Father, who has brought Woon Puay and me together and made all things beautiful in His time.

Thank you.